Edwin Whiting and the Deseret Agricultural & Manufacturing Society

Three articles follow with many names of this new organization. Their purpose was to create business and articles by themselves to sustain their lives and sell to themselves as a community and not to depend on outsiders coming in and then buying from them. The images shown are only a small part of the business that they are about. See the url next to the image for details. You will notice that this is during the period that Edwin is in the Legislature, in the 1860's..


 Correspondence from San Pete County:

This article details the organization of the Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society. Edwin Whiting was the organization's first president.

Source: Deseret News 1860-03-14 Correspondence, pg. 5 (Note: The source and other articles on the same page give a year as 1860.)

 Report of the D.A. & M. Society

Source: Deseret News 1860-04-25, pg7, Report of the D. A. & M. Society