Edwin Whiting and Horticulture

Edwin had an interest in fruit trees even while living in Ohio as a young married man and had planted orchards there and in Missouri. A newspaper article speaks of his success growing melons in Sanpete, after moving West, apparently where others had failed. He brought a variety of trees and flowers with him on his return from his mission. After trying to grow them in Manti, Utah, he moved to Springville in 1861 with the hope of better success in a warmer climate with a longer growing season. He planted trees and flowers on his property in Springville. An extensive nursery extended more than two blocks east from his home on Main Street. There is still standing his “Heritage Tree” in Springville on Main street, that at one time was in front of his home. His last home in Mapleton also still has a large Linden tree growing in front. At one time there were several other trees from his nursery on the City Property and others were planted around the county. His interest in bees was an outgrowth of his interest in horticulture. You will find various references to his interest in “growing things” throughout this website.

Edwin's Homestead in Hobble Creek Canyon and also in Mapleton were also to see what the land would produce.

Edwin Whiting's Springville Property iand Nursery is located in the following map. It is redrawn from a sketch of Marie J. Whiting.

400 South Springville Map Scott Whiting

The property line is approximate. Edwin's Nursey would be somewhere in this boundary.

Grandson, Wayne Johnson has sketched other views of his memories of this location.