Edwin Whiting Artifacts

There at least two artifacts created by Edwin Whiting in existence. One of the chairs that he made belongs to the Erma Mendenhall Hjorth family of Mapleton Utah. Erma was a granddaughter of Edwin and Hannah. The photo of this chair looks very much like the chair in the front of the photo of his 79th Birthday, seen in another article of this website.


The second is the photo of is a child's broom. Inscribed on the handle of the broom, it says: "Broom Whittled by Edwin Whiting g father. Given to Harriet L. Whiting when 6 yrs old (1889)." The broom is about 30 inches long. The handle is a straight stick, about 3/4 inch. The bistles are tied to the stick.

Edwin Whiting Childs Broom