Edwin Whiting and Elisha Whiting Property, Nelson, Ohio


Historic Sites: Nelson, Ohio It was in 1816 that the Family of Elisha and Sally Hulett Whiting moved to Nelson, Ohio with their first 6 children. Nelson is a few miles southeast of Kirtland and just a few miles east of Hyrum, each are important sites of the early LDS Church. The Huletts, Whitings, Tillotsons and Coxes were some of those early residents of this area and so they married each other and spent their lives together. Shown here is the location of propety owned by Edwin and Elisha Whiting. Also shown is the location of the Abbott Cemetery. Source: Saints of Kirtland. Below is a photograph (circa 2008) taken at the location of the property that Edwin and his father, Elisha owned in Nelson, Ohio.