Abbott Cemetery, Nelson, Ohio

In 1816, Edwin Whiting's parents migrated from Massachusetts to Nelson Township, Portage County, Ohio. Edwin would have been almost seven at the time. He lived in this settlement until 1838. At least two of Edwin's relatives' gravesites have been located in the Abbott Cemetery in Nelson.

Sign at the entrance of the Abbott Cemetery


The Cemetery Directory. Two of the gravesites, one for Samuel Tillotson, and one for Sylvanus Hulet, are of interest, as these individuals were relatives of Edwin.


Tom Haymond at the headstone of Sam'l (Samuel) Tillotson. The headstone reads, "Sam'l Tillotson; Died Dec 3 1848; Age 20 Yrs.


Headstone marking the grave of Sylvanus Hulett. The headstone reads, Sylvanus Hulett, Died Nov. 10, 1824, Aged 66 yrs.


Tom Haymond at the gravesite of Sylvanus Hulett