Edwin Whiting Mapleton, Utah Driving Tour

Partial Map of Mapleton and Springville

 The First stop site begins directly east from the Evergreen Cemetery where the Springville Stop 4 ended.  Mapleton Streets and addresses begin at Center and Maple Streets, where the City Park and the LDS Church, known as the “The White Church”, are located. This map doesn't show much of Mapleton, but is located here to show much of the city and where the Edwin Whiting Mapleton Homestead was located, outlined in grey. 

 Stop 1. The Little Red School House - The Homestead House   By starting at the Evergreen Cemetery in South Springville, Highway 89 is on a slight diagonal but directly east of the Evergreen Cemetery. A road going east from Highway 89 is 1200 South, Mapleton, which is directly east of the cemetery. Stop1 is the Edwin Whiting Family Little Red School House, but in this location, it became Edwin's Homestead House.  Address: 525 West 1200 North, Mapleton.

WhitingSchool-Holley-1 Mary Cox Little Red School House Moved from Springville by Ox Team

Edwin Whiting had built a school house after moving to Springville, on his private property, near where the Art Building now stands on the corner of 400 south and Main Street. The school was built for his own families' use to educate his children. His first wife, Elizabeth Partridge Tillotson, whom he married in 1833, was a highly educated school teacher. Mary Elizabeth Cox, his third wife, whom he married in 1846, taught for some 40 years, and some of her daughters, Harriet and Louisa, also taught school. In 1878 Edwin moved the school house to Mapleton for the purpose of providing a house to fulfill the homestead law. It took five yoke of oxen to draw the house on logs from Springville to Mapleton. On February 10, 1883. the United States of America deeded the South half of the north west quarter of Section 10 in Township 8 South, Range 3 East of the Salt Lake Meridian to Edwin Whiting.

Edwin lived in the house five years, and just 8 months after receiving the land, he divided part of the parcel among some of his sons. The portion that the school house was on, which was 17.64 acres, was deeded to his son, Lorenzo, October 19, 1883. On April 8 1890, James Hyrum Holley purchased 11.75 acres from Lorenzo Whiting and his wife Flora, for $1000.  The home was still owned by a member of the Holley family as of 1999.  Source: Early Houses in Mapleton, Utah, Camp Union DUP, p. 94. The Holly home has been renovated, but the east end of the home still retains the adobe walls of the Whiting Family School House. 

This map of part of present day Mapleton is provided from the Utah County records. The gray portion the map shows the location of the Edwin Whiting Mapleton Homestead. You will notice that it borders on 1200 North, east on Main Street, on the South at about 800 South, on the West about 800 West. As we will also see, there were several members of the family who later made their homes within this boundary. The faint little boxes on the map represent todays dwellings.

A black and white arial photo, also from Utah County, shows a 1946 view of the area. Notice that the land is mostly agricultural at this time, and that Main Street did not exist. A faint blue line shows the borders of the Edwin Whiting Homestead. The vertical line about in the middle of the page is 300 West. Present day Main Street is where the vertical blue line is located on the right. Main Street did not exist at that time.


Photo Arial View of Edwin Mapleton Homestead 1946

The Whiting Homes presented here is a selected portion from the publication,  Early Houses in Mapleton, Utah, published by the Camp Union DUP, showing several of the early Whiting homes. These homes represent only some of the 1st and 2nd generation Whiting homes. Many of the later generations would also build homes within these boundaries. The numbers in parenthesis is the year built.

Stop 2.  Mary Cox Whiting Home, 1110 North 300 West (Home no longer standing but was back in the cul-de-sac at this address.


 Mary Elizabeth Cox Whiting Mapleton Home

 Stop 3. Albert Milton Sr. and Harriet Susanna Perry Whiting 940 North 300 West (1883).

albert milton and susanna whiting home mapleton utah

Abert Milton and Harriet Susnanna Whiting Home before additions


Albert Milton and Harriet Susanna Perry Whiting Home (with additions)

Stop 4. Edwin Lucius and Anna Mary Whiting 749 North 300 West (1883)

copy of edwinluciuswhiting

 Edwin Lucius and Anna Mary Whiting Home

Stop 5. Edwin Marion and Anna Maria Whiting 50 North 300 West (Home no longer standing - was in school yard)


Edwin Marion and Anna Maria Whiting

Stop 6. Aaron and Louisa Whiting Johnson Home, 20 West Maple St (1889)  See also the Plaque on the North side of the White Church directly across from Stop 6, which is about the history of the First Mapleton Ward House on this location, found no the North side of the White Meeting house.

 aaron and louisa johnson

 Aaron and Louisa Johnson Home

Stop 7. The Edwin Whiting and Hannah Haines Brown Whiting Home at 727 South Main Street (1887). Edwin died here.  

edwinhannahwhiting home

Edwin Whiting and Hannah Haines Brown Whiting Home

The large tree in front of the home is a Linden tree, planted by Edwin Whiting.

edwins lindon tree

Edwin's Linden Tree

Also, at this stop just to the south is the Charles M. and Abby Ann Whiting Bird Home, at 786 South Marin Street (1892) Abby was the Daughter of Edwin and Hannah.


Charles M. and Abby Ann Whiting Bird Home

Stop 8. Lewis R and  Cornelia Dolly  Whiting Perry Home 460 East 400 North (1899) Dolly was the daughter of Edwin and Almira Whiting.


Lewis R. and Cornelia Dolly Whiting Perry Hom

 Stop 9  Whiting Recreation Area   Drive to 400 North Main in Mapleton, turn east, to the mountains. Follow this road about 3 miles until you come to the Whiting Recreation Area. The road ends just a short distance beyond the campground. In the early days of Mapleton, the Whiting Family used this area for part of their farm land. Family lore suggests that the Whiting Family grew potatoes on this area.

Photo of Letter from Forest Service

 An early photograph by the Springville Photographer, George Edward Anderson, has this group called the Whiting Cousins. They are all Whitings cousins from several different Whiting Mapleton families.

 whiting cousins-2

WHITING COUSINS - Back Row: Hattie Whiting Jensen, Erma Perry, Hannah Bird Mendenhall, Middle Row: Anna  Whitney Johnson, May Whiting Barry, Eddie Whiting, Ray Whiting, Jennie Bird Hill, Pearl Whiting ______.  Front Row: Ethel Whiting Matson, Bert Whiting, Dora Curtis ______, Bessie Bird Manwaring, Madge Whiting Parmley, Burr Whiting, Bell Whiting Manwaring.

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