Edwin in Branch Presidency in Lima, Illinois

Walter Cox and Edwin Whiting selected as Counselors to Isaac Morley

in Lima, Illinois Branch Presidency

"A conference was held at Lima, and the branch was reorganized under the direction of Elder H. C. Kimball; Isaac Morley, president, Walter Cox and Edwin Whiting, counselors; Gardner Snow, bishop; Clark Hallet and Henry Dean, counselors; William Woodland, Solomon Hancock, James C. Snow, , James Israel, Edmond Durfee, Daniel Stanton, Moses Clawson. Joseph S. Allen, Phillip Gardner, Henry Ettleman, Reuban Daniels and Horace Rawson, high council; James C. Snow, clerk of the branch."


Source: Deseret News 1856-10-29, pg. 1 History of Joseph Smith.