Mary E. Cox Whiting Excerpts from Gifford Journal

Mary Elizabeth Cox Whiting This is a short extraction from the Samuel Kendall Gifford Journal about Mary Whiting in the early journals of Manti, Utah. This article elsewhere refers to Edwin Whiting and his son, William. JOURNAL BOOK BY SAMUEL KENDALL GIFFORD Commencing 3 September 1864 Containing a short genealogy of his forefathers for three generations back and also A SHORT HISTORY OF HIS FATHER And an abridgement of a Journal as taken from old book pg 37. Typical of Mormon colonies, the education of the young was not to be neglected. The first school classes were held in the cabins of the Saints, but soon a small log schoolhouse was erected and Jesse W. Fox was installed as the Pioneer teacher. He was soon followed by Mrs. Mary Whiting. Samuel Kendall Gifford was a learned man for his day and read extremely well. He became a teacher on an elementary level soon after his arrival in Manti. ... Sources of Information Church History Jensen’s Ecclesiastical Encyclopedia of the Church Records at the Historian’s Office Manti Church and Civil Records Journals of those traveling with Samuel Kendall Gifford History of the State of Utah“From Nauvoo to Utah” Source: Mozilla: Edited 16 March 2010, by James W. Whiting