Mary Elizabeth Cox


by John C. Whiting

 Some great man has said that every man is justified in saying I have the best wife and the best mother in the world. I heartily agree with him. When memory takes me back to my childhood days, I wonder what I could have accomplished without my mother, with her loving care, wise counsel and advice. She had three titles: Mother to a favored few -- Grandma to a large number -- and Aunt Mary to a host of loving friends. She spoke no evil. She was patient and uncomplaining in sorrow and adversity. She loved young people and children, joining in their games and amusements until the day of her death. She was never idle; could nit, read and rock the cradle at the same time. Mother loved to play the quiet home games of her day. About the only time I ever heard her swear was when I was able in a game of checkers to maneuver around and take three or four of her men. Then she would exclaim. "O the devil" perhaps meaning me. Mother was a devout Latter Day Saint and came as near living perfect life as mortals ever attain.

By John C. Whiting