Mary Ann Washburn


Mary Ann Washburn was born in November, 1828 in the town of Sing Sing, New York. She joined theMormons and came to Utah when a young girl, leaving her sweetheart behind which was a heartache and sorrow through all her life. She named her youngest son for her first love, Monroe Frink. Arriving in Utah, she married Joseph Noble, but after their second child came, she was separated from him and married Edwin Whiting, my Grandfather. She had two sons, Daniel Abraham, my father, and Monroe Frink. She did very fine hand sewing, especially on temple clothes for herself and others. Her hemming and stitching were unexcelled. She was known to be one of the best house keepers. She was overcome with sorrow when her youngest son, Monroe went away to Arizona among hostile Indians, but was overjoyed at his early return. She had many serious trials and hardships in her life. She died at the age of fifty-four years, October 10, 1882.

 By Mary R. Smith