Hannah Haines Brown

Hannah Haines Brown was born in Clumbiana, Ohio, June 21, 1834, daughter of Abia Brown and Abbie Caldwalder. Hardships and trials of early pioneering softened her life, giving her a lovely disposition. She was ever charitable, tolerant, thoughtful of others, sacrificing and joygiving. As a child of fourteen, at the time of Grandmothers death, I cannot recall ever hearing her speak an angry word. Quoting from a letter written in 1843 by her father to his mother, Ann Haines Brown, which I have in my possession, and nearly one hundred years old, he says: My dear little girls are a great help to their mother and me. Jane is taller than Ann, but Ann is quite womanly and trusty, but Hannah is the flower of the flock in every way. She excells her sisters in industry, and if she keeps on will excell in personal appearance. All through her Grandmothers life, she had these chacteristics which make her a sweet and lovable woman. She made this statement that all the other wives of Grandfather were to her as sisters and she loved and respected them in their homes as such.

 By Hannah Bird Mendenhall