Obituary of Elizabeth Partridge Tillotson Whiting

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 Whiting. February 4th, at Springville, Utah, Elizabeth Whiting; born April 15th, 1814, in Tryingham, Mass. Sister Whiting joined the Church in its infancy, and emigrated to Utah in 1849, with her husband, Edwin Whiting, and a small company she went to Sanpete the same autumn, and Manti was settled by them, and a row of dugouts made on the south side of the stone quarry just below where the Temple now stands. In this lowly home one of her children was born the following spring. Aiding to conquer a new country, with few comforts, fearing all at all times the depredations of the Indians, during the grasshopper famine on Sanpete, the deceased battled alone for her children against grim starvation, her husband being then on a mission to the East.

Transcribed from the online Deseret News, Feb 27th, 1892, pg 24.

Note: Original spelling and punctuation retained.