Sketch of Almira M. Meacham - by Gertrude P. Killpack


Almira M.. Mecham. was born May 13, I824 in New York. She was grandfather's second wife and was the mother of seven children. She did not live in the big house, but Grandfather built her a home near by where she lived and raised her children.

Edward, her eldest son, was dependable and aided in the support of the family. She was a good nurse and gave service to neighbors when needed. Many babies saw the light of day for the first time in her faithful care. She was kind and gentle, even tempered and gracious to everyone. She respected Elizabeth,the first wife, as the head of the house hold along with Grandfather and was congenial with the other wives who taught correct principles to her children who loved, honored and respected her. Leaving friends and relatives, as a young girl, she came to Utah as a pioneer and when she suffered poverty and many other hardship common to the early days. May these faithful souls be rewarded in the great beyond.

 (signed) Gertrude P. Killpack