Edwin Whiting Legislature Summary

There are two legislative bodies of the Legislature, the Councilors and the Representatives. Edwin’s nomination was to be a Councilor.

1.His Nomination

“At a convention held in Manti, on the 16th, Edwin Whiting was nominated for Councilor and John L. Ivie for member of the House of Representatives for the next Legislative Assembly. Yours Respectfully, G.P.”

Edwin Whiting Nominated for Legislative Assembly

Source: Deseret News 1859-07-27, pg. 2, San Pete County Correspondence

Spelling and punctuation original.


 2.His Committee Assignments

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Source: Deseret News 1859-12-14, pg 4, Meeting of the Legislature


Edwin Whiting was in the Ninth Legislative Assembly (Legislature in our day). In 1859 the Deseret News Online shows that he is a Councilor representing Juab and San Pete County and was present “on the calling the roll”. There were other notables of Church History also there. Daniel H. Wells, Orson Pratt, F. D. Richards, Lorenzo Snow, Amasa Lyman, Geo. A. Smith, John Taylor, and W.W. Phelps are a few of the names that would be recognized in the assembly.

Edwin Whiting’s Committees assignments were: Revenue; Elections; Roads; Bridges, Ferries and Kanyons; Agriculture, Trade and Manufactures.

Source Deseret News Online, Dec 14, 1859, pg 4.

For the Legislative Assembly of 1860, His committee assignments were: Revenue; Eections; Roads, Bridges, Ferries and Kanyons; Education. Many of the prominent names are again listed.

Source, Deseret News Online 19 Dec. 1860, pg 5.