Edwin Whiting - Beekeeper

 In addition to his interests as a nurseryman, Edwin apparently also had some success as a beekeper.

Wayne Johnson, a grandson of Edwin, has sketched items about the house and yard of Edwin, one of them is labeled "Grand Fathers Apiary", which is a place where bees and their hives are kept, especially a place where bees are raised for their honey. 


Two newspaper articles refer to Edwin Whiting and his association with a group known as the “Utah County Bee Keepers Association”. The first one lists Edwin first as one of two Vice Presidents of the group. The lengthy article lists some of their activities and problems with bee keeping. Part of this newspaper article follows. 

Edwin Whiting Beekeeper DN Aug 1870 

 The article states:  "Dear brother: Believing a few words on bee culture would be of benefit to some and feeling an interest in bee keeping, I give you a few of my ideas gained by experience.

"About twenty brethren met in this city on the 12th inst., and organized under the name and style of the "Utah County Bee Keepers' Association with A. 0. Smoot, President; A. F. McDonald and Edwin Whiting Vice Presidents; L. John Nuttall Secretary, and R. R. Hopkins Treasurer, with near twenty members."

Source: Deseret News 1870-08-03, Pg. 12, 2nd column


The next article refers to “One Swarm kept by Whiting of Springville, Utah Co., paid a profit of $125.00, estimating young bees $25.00 per stand and honey 50c per pound,” Source: Deseret News Online 27 Dec 1870, pg.3.

 Edwin Whiting Beekeeper DN Dec 1870 pg3

   Source: Deseret News 1870-12-27, pg 3, column 4. Report on Committees on Bees