Letter to Edwin Whiting from Stephen P. Mecham - Pisgah, Iowa

Copy of a letter to Edwin Whiting at Pisgah from Stephen P. Mecham

“September 14, 1848

Dear brother in the bonds of the everlasting covenant I take this opportunity to wright a few lines to you and yours to let you know how I am in body and mind in a small degree I am as well as can be expected considering what I have had to pass through for a little over a year ago(.) I went at b(B)urlington and found my wife there and 3 of the children Sylvia Henry and Roswell all well and in comfortable circumstances but perhaps brother Palmer has told you the news that my brother Joseph is dead.  He was killed with a ..?.. log loading it on a wagon Maryann came to Burlington with her family and has gone back. I am now in Pli(y)mmouth after some of my things and expect to return on the morrow if nothing prevents me.

I do not know when I shall go to the mane (main) body of the church.  I long to be with the main body where I can have the teachings from those men that God has placed at the head to lead his people in these last days which gives us all joy and satisfaction to hear them more than any other men on earth.  I have not time now to write what I want to write (,) my eyes will not admit they are very week indeed (,) so

I must draw to a close by ascribing myself now sincere friend and brother in the Lord so farewell dear brother and friends at Pisgah (.) If I never see you again in this life God knows I love you give my love to all of the brothers and sisters at Pisgah and round about (.)  Tell them I want to see them very much (.) I want the prayers of all the saints on earth whatever name or denomination they may be of(,) for they that love God and work rightesness (righteousness) are excepted (accepted) of him whether of and organized band or free.”

(signed)  Stephen P. Meacham    to
Edwin Whiting, President of the branch of Latter-day Saints at Pisgah