Father Edwin Whiting by Verona Whiting, wife of Charles

Part of a sketch of the Edwin Whiting family written and read at the Reunion by Verona, wife of Charles Whiting, son of Edwin & Mary E. Cox Whiting. Aunt Verona was with grandmother on the trip from Ariz when Aunt May died.

Our ancestor Edwin Whiting, the first of the Whitings to join the Church, was a grand, old man. The old Whiting Home was in Springville, it was a two story building. I imagine it was one of the nicest in those early days. This was a great place for young people to meet and I guess our father must have been very tolerant, because I never heard of any complaint from him. I have heard his sons tell of some of his sayings when they were among themselves. One of them was when they were riding along and one of the boys driving slashed the whip around and accidently struck father on the ear. He exclaimed, “Judas!! Cut and slash, Cut and slash, Cut a man’s ear off!”

They were sorry but they always saw the funny side of things. This is only one of the sayings among hundreds that they would tell among themselves and laugh and have a good time. Albert and the boys had been out late one night and Father Whiting was having a hard time to get them up, when someone asked if the boys were up yet and he said, “Well, I got Albert up on his haunches, but I suppose he has laid down by now.”

He lived in Manti, San Pete Co. for 12 years when they first came to Utah, where most of their children were born. He was a horticulturist or nursery man, a lover of beautiful flowers and cultivated many fruits: growing them from the seed and pits. These were grafted when they were old enough. I have seen three kinds of apples growing on one tree.

The winters were so cold in Manti that things would winter kill, so he was advised to move to Springville where the climate was more moderate.


Red Juniper Tree, planted in Springville by Edwin Whiting on Main Street at approx. 445 South, on the east side of the street. It grew in front of the Family home and is still standing, Aug. 2012.