Memories of Ethel Whiting Matson- Granddaughter


June Whiting Blanchard of Springville, Utah, records her memories of a visit with Aunt Ethel Whiting Matson of Lorenzo, Idaho, daughter of Albert Milton annd Harriet Susanna Whiting, about her Grandfather Edwin Whiting. 

"I visited Aunt Ethel Matson April 1965. I checked dates with her from her Family Bible record. I also visited Aunt Lorna Tibbits and checked records with her. Between the two of them I was able to get several dates that I did not have, and also make just a few corrections,

Aunt ETHEL MATSON told me these little incidents that are very dear to her and therefore are treasured by me also.

Aunt Ethel still has 12 roses that were brought across the plains by my great grandfather, Edwin Whiting. She obtained these roses from Aunt Abby Whiting Bird. This she told me on April 1,1965.

“Aunt Ethel is this month of April,1965, 81 years old. She told me that she can remember her grandfather Edwin Whiting, one day when she was very small he said to her, "Ethel, I have a cornstalk as high as both of us.” Her took her, and stood her with a foot on each shoulder and he was right, sure enough the cornstalk was as high as them both.” "